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Who We Are

Building the right relationship between an organization and its advisors is the key to its success. A successful working relationship is built on a solid foundation of mutual trust and compatibility. This kind of relationship thrives in an environment of high quality service, provided by dynamic professionals who are able to provide innovative solutions and pragmatic responses to issues.

Michael Kuria, CEO, Integra Consulting Group

“Our strategy brings together the right people, processes, and technology and focuses them on delivering value to our clients.”

– Michael Kuria, CEO
Integra Consulting Group

Integra Group is a dynamic management consulting, forensic investigations, security & intelligence and risk advisory practice with a mission to help organisations identify and mitigate risks in their operations. We believe that management advisors should do more than just be third parties providing impersonal and context-free advice to clients. Through us, businesses gain valuable insights into how their business is performing at every node in their operations and help identify problems both proactively and reactively as the situation demands.

Essentially, we are a management consulting practice that focuses on enabling our clients gain assurance that their people, assets and operations are secured and available to achieve mission objectives at any time. Here at Integra, we take great pride in our approach to working with clients. We evaluate your current position and develop strong working relationships, taking the time to truly understand your business requirements and management imperatives. We are passionate, business-minded and technologically savvy to help recommend and implement suitable solutions for defending your business against traditional and novel threats.

Integra’s professionals are unified by a collaborative culture that fosters:

  • Integrity;
  • Delivering outstanding value;
  • Professionalism; and
  • Client focus.

Our Strategy

Our focus in all engagements is to apply our effective industry specific methodologies to develop a consolidated framework that meet your overall needs. Our approach is collaborative and is consciously developed to build a trusted advisor relationship for the long-term.

Our Overarching Approach

Due to the deep, collaborative relationships that we build with our clients, we are trusted with some of our clients’ most urgent needs, including analyzing allegations of fraud or financial mismanagement, addressing whistle-blower allegations, and preventing or detecting problems before they occur. Our customized approach allows us to conduct extensive fact-finding investigations to deliver broader solutions to clients.

Our general approach is distinguished by the following elements that underpin our consistent ability to deliver high quality and tangible results to our clients in an efficient manner.

Our Approach Description
Collaborative Approach Throughout any assignment, we work closely with the client to ensure that we have a complete understanding of client expectations and issues to be addressed so as to deliver tailored and effective solutions.
Sound Experience and Evidence-based Approach Our approach to all assignments is informed by our significant knowledge and experience in providing: forensic audits, controls environment assessments; risk assessment services; organization structure reviews; accounting and financial reviews; risk management gap analysis and framework development, procurement and downstream partner assessments as well as Information technology audits, performance audits, value for money audits, compliance audits, governance audits and procurement audits in donor organisations.
Balanced Consideration We work in a structured manner to ensure that our clients achieve their objectives by clarifying the key outputs and identifying potential constraints upfront. We then develop actions/activities based on our knowledge of best practices, our understanding of client’s concerns and anomalies observed, and thereupon apply our methodology and approach to ensure we determine the facts, identify fraud, if any, and provide adequate evidence to support our findings and conclusions.
Pragmatic Solutions and Quality
We work with all of our clients to ensure that recommendations made are practical and in line with the relevant and unique operating circumstances of the client. To achieve this, our assignment deliverable will go through a rigorous engagement and quality management process where all risks, benefits and compliance matters associated with the deliverable will be considered.