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Warehousing, Transportation and Distribution

We Provide Air, Rail, Water and Road Transport

More intricate than the Villa Pisani labyrinth, logistics and distribution networks are highly complex, making the movement of products and materials from point to point on a global scale a risky endeavour and a significant challenge for many companies.

Integra’s Transportation and Distribution practice works with organizations to determine the most effective strategy and practices for moving the required product to the required place at the required time with minimal wastage, shrinkage and affiliated risks.  We help address issues such as distribution network design, stock audits, review, mapping third party vendor audits, inventory and cycle counts, third party due diligence, vendor prequalification, fleet management, and development, implementation and operation of transportation management systems.

Our expertise spans the aviation, shipping and surface transport fields and our experts have extensive field experience managing both civilian and military logistics in the region.