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Cyber Security, Privacy and Digital Strategies

We Analyze, Review and Mitigate Cyber Threats

Cyber threats are more aggressive, more unrelenting, and more effective than ever. Companies are rethinking their cybersecurity strategies and adopting new tools and practices to support their efforts.

However, cybersecurity is a moving target. To effectively protect their operations and shareholder value from cyberattacks, organizations need to continuously keep pace with cyber risks and regard cybersecurity as a business imperative, not only an IT issue.

Our Cybersecurity & Privacy team consists of subject matters experts from various disciplines who can help you through every stage of your cybersecurity strategy. From envisioning your cybersecurity program, to protecting your ’crown jewels’, to establishing trust throughout your organization’s digital ecosystem.

Our Services:

  • Constructing strategy for treating cyber challenges
  • Conducting advanced cyber threat surveys
  • Specifying advanced solutions for cyber threats
  • Creating cyber intelligence units
  • Penetration and information security tests
  • Forensics: gathering, analyzing and presenting digital information as part of an internal investigation
  • Privacy: It is a minimum responsibility for a company that conducts business globally to catch up on the trends of privacy laws and regulations that are constantly changing around the world and to establish a compliance system. Integra supports the planning and execution of privacy-friendly data utilization businesses based on global standards and the latest trends in the industry.