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Supplier Risk Management

Let’s Help You Manage Risks

Managing the risks posed by the large network of third-parties in your supply chain has become very complex. How could the lack of appropriate controls within your second, third, fourth etc. layers of third parties in the supply chain impact your business? How does the financial health or cyber hygiene of your third parties effect your decisions on maintaining those relationships? Do you know whether they are flouting modern bribery laws? How about environmental laws? Anti-child labour laws?

To be recognized as a responsible business it’s essential to have strong governance and oversight on your extended enterprise. This includes visibility and influence over supply chain continuity, regulatory, cyber, data privacy and other material third party risks.

Integra’s Supplier Risk Management (SRM) managed service solution can help your firm identify, assess and manage risks posed by the interconnected network of third-party relationships.

The solution enables greater control of risk and opportunities, and improves visibility and performance over your third-parties in risk areas such as resiliency, sustainability, ESG (environment, social & governance), financial crime and more.