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Vehicle Forensics

We Understand Vehicle Mechanotronics

Almost all modern vehicles have inbuilt computer systems, data collection sensors and infotainment systems. These devices are a treasure trove of data that can be used to provide the business with competitive advantage, limit risk and if it comes to it, support internal investigations, corroborate and strengthen your insurance claim or legal defense case.

For instance, our Certified Vehicle Systems Forensics examiners and technicians are able to map out the following actions taken by a vehicle during a trip:

  • Hard acceleration events
  • Hard braking events
  • Distracted driver redflags (operation of infotainment systems, insertion of media into players, phone connections, opened doors etc)
  • Route taken
  • Gear changes
  • All event data.

This data can also be used for the purposes of building in a competitive advantage against competing supply chains in similar businesses within the same industry. With such data in you hands you will be able to make sound fleet decisions to strengthen your organization’s logistics.

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